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"For an advancement of civilization, there must be unity of spirituality and science."

- Mikhail A Jirnov 

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What is Bioenergetic Assisting? *


  Bioenergetic Assisting is a type of non-physical body work. It utilizes the living energy of the body (Bio-energy or qi) and targets energetic blocks and congestion that are affecting and depleting the physical body and its biological function. It is a modern system informed by knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and Bioenergetics. However, it also utilizes some of the ancient wisdom and bioenergetic methods of the village healers from central Russia and Siberia.

  Bioenergetic Assisting is more than a therapy or healing technique. It is a way of balancing, transforming and changing the Bioenergetic Field of the Body based on the master's ability to sense it and work with it.

  It can bring betterment to any condition of the physical body by making changes on the energetic level, and (in some cases) eradicating the energetic basis of the physical illness, imbalance or weakness. The excessive energy or block gets released through the hands of the master. The master also helps the body of the person release congested energy on its own by opening flow through certain release channels. Overall energetic balancing is a part of the process.

  One thing that Bioenergetic Assisting is specifically useful for: long and short term emotional problems, stress and pain. It addresses both acute and chronic problems as well as helping prevent problems from starting.

  Bioenergetic Assisting is not medicine. It is a bioenergetic way of helping a person overcome different problems on many different levels. It definitely has an important spiritual component. However, it has nothing to do withreligious or personal beliefs. It works irrespective of religious belief. (We respect all religions, as long as they do not lead to any harm to others.) And it is suitable for people of all ages. It is compatibile with any western medical treatment or with any alternative medicine.*