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1. If your mind starts telling you too often that everything has a beginning and an end, get out of toxic city and take a look at the night sky. But don't just glaze at the stars! Try to FEEL the UNIVERSE. It is right there, in front of you, it is endless and it is yours. You - part of it. Forever.
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2. Understanding that God is everything does not mean that you stop making choices! You need to use your judgement and your will to achieve the best balance. This is a matter of your growth and health.
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3. Each of us is a part of God. Each of us has the power to be a master of our own reality. The only question is how much power can you claim back from your mind.  Remember: you can be as big a part of God as you are able to feel in your heart!
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4. If you want to be closer to God, do what he does - help.
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5. God is the universe, the universe is infinity, infinity is everything. So, God is everything. Accept it if you want to know it!
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6. What is able to connect the human mind with infinity? Our inner vision.
What is inner vision? It is a sense. A sense you can follow and trust. The stronger is your trust, the stronger is your inner vision, the more you are capable of.
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7. The active knowledge of your brain, that comes from learning, is like a snow cap on the sleeping volcano of your inner wisdom. But it is also a key to it.
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8. We live this life to feel - otherwise it is a waste of time. No creation is possible without feelings. Mind alone, without input from heart, is only capable of creating illusion.
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9. The amount of light and darkness in the universe is balanced, but at the individual level, it is up to us.
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10. By building walls of protection, you are manifesting your fears - not your security. By nourishing your fears, you are manifesting your weakness - not your strength. When you get weak, you become vulnerable.
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11.  There are four elements of healing: your choice, your will, your work on yorself, and the help that you recive.
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 12. If someone lives only in the past or in the future, then his happiness also stays in the past or in the future. The only thing left in the present will be fear and dissatisfaction. It is so important to live in the present and love in the present, enjoy the moment, this precious present moment. Then happiness will always be with you! 
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13. There are two ways of creating your reality: through your mind and through your feelings, meaning the heart. That is what is changing right now. The way of the mind is an old way. Creative power is shifting from mind to heart. It is becoming more and more difficult to change reality through mind and easier and easier through heart (feelings). Those that are able to shift into their hearts, have an easier time achieving things now. It is the nature of this global transformation. It is purposive. It is not an accident.
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14. You need to allow your soul to sing every day, in order for it to not scream and lose it's voice.
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15. It is not an absence of problems that is important, but the ability and capability of finding the prompt and right solution for them.
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16. Every uncertainty brings an opportunity. But no opportunity is certain until you make a choice.
- Quotes and photography of Mikhail Jirnov -