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Torbin, Netherlands

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  With much gratefulness I want to thank you both for helping me. I came in with Sciatica pain 24/7 for two years, and knee pain and swelling. And now after 10 sessions with you, I am without pain and can walk, go up and down stairs (have a 2 story home and had to go one stair at a time) and I am back to most of my normal daily activities. 

  Dr. Yuliya and Mikhail are extremely gifted and talented and are very sensitive to your needs and concerns. Both are very professional and caring people and they are a blessing to their patients and our area.

  I would highly recommend Come For Health clinic, and I will return for more sessions without any hesitation in the future.

- R. Byers, Olathe, CO 2017


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   Dr. Yuliya has helped me so much. I was in pain in both hips and right foot and middle back.. I came to Dr. Yuliya and she helped with my pain, my back is better and my right hip and right foot are way, way better. I would recommend Dr. Yuliya with any pains you have.. she is professional, caring and a gift to everyone that she helps. I had been struggling with various areas of pain, anxiety and sleeplessness for years. With the use of acupuncture, acupressure, healing energy, Chinese herbs and essential oils, Dr. Yuliya has helped me to be pain free and having restful sleep. This is the first time in over 25 years I can say that. I highly recommend Dr. Yuliya and her healing knowledge. 

- B.A., Ridgway CO 2016


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 (After a course of 10 sessions with Dr. Yuliya)

What problems did you have? 

"Left knee pain and numbness and tingling in both feet"

What was your pain level before?

"Difficult to deal with because the balance was affected and it made me unsure of my ability to walk."

What is it now?

"At least 90% better with the numbness and the knee is ok."

How did it feel after each treatment?

"Always better."

- M., Montreose CO, 2017


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   When I first met Mikhail and Yuliya two months ago, I had fallen on concrete at work, and was in extreme pain. I was injured from my ankle to my neck on my entire left side.  A friend had suggested that I should see someone, and introduced me. To them.  As I explained to Mikhail what had happened,  and the pain I was in, I was concerned that I could not even be worked on. I was unable to lift my left arm. He told me that he could help take away the pain. I laid there on the table trying to relax,  not knowing exactly what to expect. He said this was just a " Mini" treatment, and  afterwards asked me how I felt. The only way I could describe it was light and airy. I could immediately feel the weight off my neck and shoulders, and could lift my arm. The next time I went back, Dr. Yuliya and Mikhail wanted to treat me together, and I expressed my fear of needles. She explained what she did and how it works with your body, and I agreed to try it. She was amazingly gentle, and helped me overcome my fear of needles. They are both extremely talented, professional, sensitive individuals who have helped me with external and emotional pain. Since meeting them and based on my personal experience, I have introduced them to many of my friends and family members.

- MIchelle Keith-Nunn, Ridgway CO, 2017


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  I have Sciatic pain down the side of right leg (7-8), swelling and pain in my left knee (3) and arthritis pain in both thumbs (3-4). After Dr. Yuliya performed her treatment on me the first time, my pain was significantly relieved. It was completely gone in lower right leg and knee, reduced in upper right leg to 4 and to 1-2 in thumbs. Now, after I saw Dr. Yuliya for two times, pain in my lower right leg was gone for 8 weeks and continued to lessening in other place. I will come back soon after this treatment, since I feel better and better each time.

- Peg W., Ridgway CO, 2016



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  I would like to recommend Dr. Yuliya as an acupuncturist. I have never been to one prior to meeting this young lady. She is very professional, kind, thorough and skilled in eastern medicine. I can't explain why but i feel 100% better overall. Have marked improvement in my energy, outlook on life and less aches and pains. As a medical social worker in the hospital field for 40 years i've never experienced the degree of satisfaction with a treatment modality as I have with Dr. Yuliya……….I highly recommend and encourage everyone to have a visit!!!

- JIM S., DENVER CO 2013


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  I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for you healing intentions yesterday. You are both angels and miracles. Hope to be blessed some more by your healing. Many many thanks.

- Gary, November 2016, Ridgway CO


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My husband cannot believe the same woman who barely been able to move yesterday, woke up, moved around without abdominal pain and walked straight out of the bedroom this morning.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Shelly Zacharias, Houston TX


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  Wanted to thank you both again. I was very empowered by the treatment and topics today. Thanks for knowing and sharing your gifts.

 - Gary, November 2016


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  Back Pain Relief
  Two months ago I decided to try acupuncture for this severe back pain that always attacked me while I was working as a baker.
As soon as I would work for about 1/2 an hour this back pain would come. Nothing I did relived it. Dr. Yuliya was the practitioner that I saw. One treatment, and about 1 week later I noticed the back pain was gone. The relief lasted about 2 months. Only recently did I start  experiencing only a mild pain compared to the previous severe pain. I am so relieved that I found Dr. Yuliya. She is a tender and compassionate acupuncturist.
I would highly recommend her services.
- Dawn Klein, Ridgway CO 8/12/2016

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  Headache Success story

  I have never really ever had headaches to speak of. In August of 2011, I started getting chronic headaches at the base of my skull. I went to the doctors and was tested for migraines and went as far as taking oxygen and shots, I also got an MRI and to no a veil they could not find anything wrong with me. A friend of mine had referred me to Mikhail and prior to that I would have been skeptical, but at this point I was so desperate to relieve the pain. I met with Mikhail and he worked on me for about 20 min. The first time as he was visiting at a mutual friend's house. I wasn't sure about who he was or what he did. Then my headaches seemed to get worse and nothing happened. I called Mikhail and he worked on me again at his office. I can't explain it, but it was amazing to say the least!!!! My headaches were gone! We talked and formed a friendship, it all made sense - the depth of the stress that I had stowed away in my body had taken a toll on me and caused so much pain that I couldn't function. And through the natural gift that Mikhail possess, he not only gave me relief but I have been pain free for nearly a year now. I can't thank him enough for what he has done for me I believe in what Mikhail does so much that I have referred several of my friends as will continue to do so. I am so appreciative that words can't express!!!

- Kari jennings, Denver, June 2012


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  Testimonial from a healing group in Santa Fe
  The time spent with Mikhail was priceless! He is a true healer with a heart of gold...the real deal! All three of us experienced a real shift in our bio- energy as well as relief of a variety of symptoms. Great gratitude and blessings to Mikhail!

- M., Santa Fe, April 2016

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  I am amazed at how i feel… My jaw is better and my posture is better… Wow… Mikhail and Dr. Yuliya make such an incredible healing team……

- Donna, Fort Worth TX, 2013


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  Shoulder injury, Fibromyalgia

  “I met Mikhail, and started going to sessions with him January, 2009. I had had an injury to my shoulder, and an MRI showed severe tearing to the rotator cuff, and a tear in the bicep. My shoulder ached and any movement was limited and painful. I was determined to avoid the
surgery and challenging physical therapy that would involve many months of difficult work to recover. My priority when Mikhail started working on me was to get my shoulder to function comfortably. I had never had any therapy that could be compared to what Mikhail does, so I didn’t know what to expect.

Mikhail worked on me twice in January, and once a month since. I had full function of movement in my shoulder after first visit, and after 3rd session I was able to compleatly forget that there had been any injury. My shoulder is now
completely without incident, and Mikhail re-enforces support of that shoulder on every visit.

I also was very uncomfortable with a hot, searing, stabbing in my hips and upper thighs. Though I’ve dealt with the inconvenience of that issue for about 9 years, it was only recently diagnosed as
Fibromyalgia, or possibly a degenerative Rheumatoid condition. I didn’t want to attach myself to the label, but did not think that Mikhail (or anyone else) had the answer to resolving it. I had accepted
that I would “just live with it” and didn’t even mention it as a health challenge to Mikhail for the first few visits. I told him about the diagnosis after about the 3rd visit, because HE mentioned that he felt some energy congestion in the area of my hips. He started focusing more attention to that area. In July, I saw him on a Friday night. I was getting frustrated, because I wasn’t seeing progress for more than a few days at a time. I left after the session, hoping I’d
be able to sleep well that night. I didn’t. I was miserable. It was as though I didn’t get any benefit from Mikhail’s work. Saturday night was the same. Sometime during my day on Sunday, I realized I didn’t have the stiffness and soreness in my legs. I waited…expecting it to come
back, but praying it wouldn’t. This Friday will be a month since the session. I have had NONE of the symptoms I’ve dealt with for the last nine years. (Coincidence (?) that it’s been 9 sessions with Mikhail?) I don’t know where or exactly when it turned the corner, but I am
sincerely grateful to Mikhail for the fact that I have been able to get my life back!! There has been almost a 100% improvement, and I believe that my muscles are strengthening as part of the process. I expect to be back to all the activities that I used to enjoy, and I’ve come to really appreciate not ever giving up hope!

I would recommend that for whatever a person is going through, physically, mentally, spiritually…Mikhail’s devotion to his craft and love of people will only help heal whatever needs healing.”

- Anne, Denver CO, September 2009.


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  I first met Mikhail and Yuliya in July, 2010. It was a joyous day because I had been looking for a powerful and gentle healer for a few years and at last I had found them. I’m a very sensitive person and can quickly tune in to people’s vibrations. My sense is that both Mikhail and Yuliya hold a very pure, high vibrational frequency. During Mikhail’s 4-hour workshop, I was amazed at how the divine cleansing energy he emanated filled the room the entire time. Though I didn’t received a healing on his table that day, I received a beautiful healing just sitting in the audience of about 20 people. And as Mikhail worked with many people, he talked about his understanding of energetic healing, which I found fascinating. He showed tremendous respect and compassion for everyone he was working with. Before he talked about the specific aspects of the energy he was helping the person to heal, he first asked for permission. I was also impressed with how he empowered people. He said he was only a helper who cleared blockages to allow the person’s own healing abilities to emerge more fully. Shortly after his workshop, I decided to schedule a private session with Mikhail. We met at a peaceful setting in Taos, NM next to a river. I didn’t tell him about my physical issues but he was immediately drawn to work on my head. I had been having near-migraine headaches a few times a month that were incapacitating. And while it rained and thundered outside, I felt completely safe in Mikhail and Yuliya’s presence as my head released a tremendous amount of energy. The low-level headache I had been experiencing for 24 hours continued for the next 24 hours and from then on the intensity of my headaches was markedly improved. For the next 8 months I received monthly sessions with Mikhail and Yuliya. Within a couple of months, my headaches had virtually disappeared. I had my life back. Mikhail also worked on my digestion, neck, back, internal organs, arms and legs. In addition, he has helped to heal a significant level of emotional trauma/fear that has been present for most of my life. During my meditation practice, I now find I’m able to hold a higher level of vibration more easily than before. I feel stronger, more integrated and much more present in my daily life. And as I feel the need, I continue to have sessions to help keep my energetic and physical bodies clear. With me, the key to Mikhail’s profound healing ability is his sincere loving gentleness. (He was born in the Chinese year of the rabbit.) I feel a deep sense of trust and gratitude for his and Yuliya’s healing presence in my life. And I refer them to everyone I know!

- JoLee W. Boulder CO, 2012


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  Mikhail dissolved a tumor in my abdomen the surgeon had apparently “left behind” due to the complexity of it’s location. I had been gifted the work during another “group session” and Mikhail had worked on me for about 15 minutes. By the next morning the pain discomfort and lemon-sized mass had vanished.

- Ann Steeno, Denver CO, June 2012


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  Mikhail and Dr. Yuliya ,  thank you for coming to Pagosa Springs.  Wow, you seem to have done it again, Mikhail!   I am blown away at how much better I feel . Thank you,  blessings!

- Sandy Nelson, 2015


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  Dear Mikhail and Dr. Yuliya! I feel blessed to have met ya’ll! I am looking forward to having session with you. l felt more love for myself and others I appreciate your help.                                            

- Steph J., July 2014


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  Working With a dog, Oso.

  My dog Oso was diagnosed with cancer a month ago. He had been very sluggish and depressed and hardly moved, sleeping all of the time. Mikhail worked on him for an hour. Oso loved it. He definitely felt the energy of Mikhail’s gifted hands.  During the session, Mikhail felt a lot of pain around Oso’s large tumor.  Since the session, Oso’s  tumor is much smaller ( reduced in half) and he has his old energy back. I even took him on a long hike yesterday. He is his old self again-picking up sticks, jumping in the water, and running. Oso seems happy again and is no longer sleeping all of the time.
Bless you, Mikhail.  I can’t wait for our next session.

- Susan Baker, Santa Fe NM, July 2014


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  “This is Rick from Grand Junction. Mikhail is a bio-energitic master, the best I have encountered. My background with Mikhail  and Dr. Yuliya might help give you an idea of what they do.  I first met them in Ridgway CO.  I had a badly swollen ankle from a 4 year situation with arthitis (gout) that inflamed my knees and ankles on both legs.  Well, about 5 minutes into my first session I sat up and said this is the most relaxed I have ever been in my life.  Mikhail's ability to interact with my energy field was amazing and after about 6 sessions, very few joint problems.  He is the most balanced and compassionate man I know.  And of course, there are many stories of him and Yuliya helping others heal both emotional and physical troubles.”

– Rick Anderson, Grand Junction CO, 2010


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  “Regular medical could not figure out what was wrong with me” 

   I have not had a chance to find out from Mikhail when he will be going to Dallas… he is working in Taos right now.  He travels all over the place to work…and he  DOES work in  Dallas…you will have to judge for yourself about him…because what he does is very unusual….but it works. I have known him for over 12 years now…and the amazing things i have seen happen for people as a result of a few treatments with him blow my mind!…. His wife, Yuliya does Chinise Medicine... and that may also help you tremendously!!!!!

I,  PERSONALLY MYSELF have had  treatments from him when i was very sick 12 years ago…(and regular medical could not figure out what was wrong with me).  he corrected the problem in 2 sessions!!!!!! he has treated friends and patients of mine for years now…with wonderful results!!! i could talk til i am blue in the face about him….but the only way to know what it is he does is just to get a session with him.  there is no way to explain what he does. he was just born with the ability to heal people….feel and see the energy around their bodies…and then correct the conditions by channeling energy through his hands. NO KIDDING!!!! he has been actively doing this since he healed himself when he was 16 years old. He is now 35 and has many clients in Dallas, Houston, Denver, Boulder and the Front Range, Taos, Santa Fe, the Western Slope of Colorado, and San Francisco. I am probably forgetting some places…but you get my drift.”

– Pam Kling, Denver CO, 2009


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  “I just saw Mikhail and Yuliya again… they are truly amazing.  They moves unbelievable amounts of energy and pain out of  the body and knows just where it is.  I wanted you to know when they are coming again so that you could schedule with them, if you decide to.”

– Gabrielle, 11/12/2008 (about our visit to Denver)


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  Shoulder problem goes away after years of pain

  Hi Mikhail and Dr. Yuliya!

 I am writing to you with a very grateful heart and left shoulder! Ever since you worked on it, it has been getting progressively better and more mobile every day. I spent four months with other doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and other body workers and made very little, if any progress. I am so thankful for your help! 

-S.S., 2011


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   I had been battling with a very serious health challenge for a few months.  My friend Lisa told me this healer from Russia had popped into her mind who she had experienced personally and who she thought was one of the best she’d ever come across.  She thought he might be able to helo me.  I told her I wasn’t sure I wanted to go that route as my money was thinning as I I took action to find out how to heal myself. I looked up Mikhail’s website and found he was giving a group presentation on Saturday eve in Denver (he isn’t that often in Denver area as he lives far away). Lisa and I decided to go and I remained in a “wait and see position”.

As he talked to the group, he would work on people mostly by moving his hand over their bioenergetic field on a massage table and then report very specific health challenges to them, describing it on energy level, without going into medical. When he asked for another volunteer, I raised my hand quickly and proceeded to the table.  Mikhail immediately went to the energy field above my chest and stayed there for awhile.  After he finished his scan he looked at me in a concerned way and said “There is something going on in your breasts.”  I was shocked he said this as he had hit it on the nose. I had been diagnosed with breast cancer just a couple of months before and I was struggling to deal with it naturally.

I made an appointment to see him the next day and told him of my diagnosis.  He said “Yes, it appears it is in both breasts and the right breast holds a very aggressive energy – so aggressive it literally bit me.  I am not a medical doctor but this is my opinion from an energetic point of view, so you need to follow a medical advice of your doctors. I can't work with the cancer directly, but I can, and you can, begin to work with the energy behind it.”

Mikhail was right again.  I had been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive kind of breast cancer called HER2.  People can die within months of its inception. I had 4 sessions with Mikhail before my surgery which I scheduled right away.  The right breast which he said was the most aggressive had been previously found to have only abnormal cells in them, but they wanted to do a lumpectomy on it as it was precancerous.  A previous thermogram had also picked up vascularity  developing in the right breast indicating the precancer or cancer was getting a blood supply. This is indicative of a very aggressive cancer.  Like the thermogram, energetically Mikhail had picked up this energy even before it became cancerous.

After each session with Mikhail (in addition to my personal work I had been as well using PSYCH-K to change my internal programming) he said he felt the energy was lessening and by the time I went to surgery, the energy was about 1,000 times less intense then it was before. I had the surgery. The biopsy report found no more abnormal cells in the right breast. None. The left breast had a less aggressive cancer in it, and it had not progressed from the original reports.

I credit Mikhail for having saved my life. I later talked to a nutritionist who helps people rid themselves of cancer naturally. She said the kind of cancer I had is so aggressive that she had a friend of hers be at Stage 1 breast cancer and then was dead 8 months later with cancer throughout her body.

In addition to being a great and gifted healer, Mikhail is kind, dedicated and has complete concern for those that choose to work with him.

I am so grateful to have met him and so believe in his abilities, I wanted you to know about him too.

- Elizabeth, Boulder CO, 2014


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  Gallbladder attack

  On a Friday in October, 2011 I found myself in the ER with a gallbladder attack. The attending surgeon, after reviewing my ultrasound, said, “We should remove your gallbladder.”  Knowing that it just so happened that Mikhail was coming to Taos that very afternoon, after consulting with the surgeon we scheduled surgery for Monday AM. Mikhail worked on me that afternoon and it was a battle royal. Wave after wave of pain arose in the gallbladder area and he pulled the pain out wave at a time. After that session, the pain was reduced maybe 30-40%. He then worked on me 4 more times over the weekend. By Monday morning, I was pain free, had no fever, my digestive system was functioning again and I was able to resume a simple diet. My surgeon been able to cancel the surgery and had my naturopathic physician confirm that my condition was stable and I could work dietarily.

– Linley Solari, Taos, 2011

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